Fire hydrant cabinet replacement reel

Diameter 550 x depth 150/200 mm

Replacement hose reel meant for fire hydrant cabinets. Includes a fire hydrant hose and a spray/jet nozzle as well as a 1” connecting hose for water supply.

Reels are also available in diameters of 390 mm and 650 mm.

The replacement reels have a 150x150mm centre bracket as standard.

Also available with a 140x140mm bracket.

The CE-marked (EN 671-1:2012) fire hydrant reel is always red, and the maximum length of the hose is 30 metres.

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Price VAT 0%

2955161PV-replacement reel 25mm/30m red 719,40 €
2955160PV-replacement reel 25mm/25m red 687,50 €
2955159PV-replacement reel 25mm/20m red 652,30 €
2955158PV-replacement reel 19mm/30m red 660,00 €
2955157PV-replacement reel 19mm/25m red 634,70 €
2955156PV-replacement reel 19mm/20m red 609,40 €
2955155PV-replacement reel 19mm/15m red 545,60 €
2959808PV-replacement reel 19mm/20m red 557,76 €
2959809PV-replacement reel 19mm/25m red 582,40 €
2959810PV-replacement reel 19mm/30m red 604,80 €
2959811PV-replacement reel 25mm/20m red 598,08 €
2959812PV-replacement reel 25mm/25m red 629,44 €
2959813PV-replacement reel 25mm/30m red 659,68 €
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