Fire hydrant cabinets

Fire hydrants are manufactured according to standard EN 671-1:2012. Basic model fire hydrant cabinets and hose reels with 30 meter hose at maximum are CE-approved. Fire hydrant cabinets are made from 1.25 mm and reels from 1 mm steel sheet and are epoxy powder-coated. The reels are always painted red. The cabinets are available in three standard colors: white, gray and red. Other colors are available by special order.

The cabinets have a welded back wall that stiffens the structure and a reinforced door. The door is equipped with a special lock behind a breakable protective cover. The door opens 180°, so it don’t hinder the use of the door-mounted hose reel. The hub of the reel is made from a special pressure-tested brass casting. The fire hydrant hose is semi-rigid lightweight polyester/EPDM hose. Its operating pressure (+20°C) is 1.2 MPa and its burst pressure is 9 MPa. All cabinet models are equipped with a spring-reinforced feed hose. The fire hydrant cabinets are equipped with a spray/fog nozzle and a 1" shut-off valve.

There is a flush-mounting frame available for fire hydrant cabinets. With the frame the cabinet can be partially or fully sunk into the wall to the desired depth.

The cabinets are normally equipped with a right-hand door. A left-hand door is available by special order. It is also possible to convert the cabinet to a left-hand door later.

Standard colors are gray (RAL7040), white (RAL9016) and red (RAL3020). varit.png

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