Fire-insulated fire hydrant cabinet

The walls of the cabinet are insulated on the inside with A-30 or A-60 fire insulation. The door is not insulated. Otherwise the materials and dimensions are similar to the basic model.

Does not include hose, choose a suitable hose combination. Maximum hose size 19mm/30m or 25mm/25m. Flush mounted.

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Price VAT 0%

2954800PV-20E3 30mm insulation 1023,00 €
2954810PV-104E3 30mm insulation 1217,00 €
2954820PV-204E3 30mm insulation 1217,00 €
2954830PV-21E6 60mm insulation 1110,00 €
2954840PV-114E6 60mm insulation 1306,00 €
2954850PV-214E6 60mm insulation 1306,00 €
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