Pillar fire hydrant / Jet spout cabinet

A pillar fire hydrant is designed for a room where the walls are reserved for other use, such as in a store or industrial hall. A pillar fire hydrant is mounted at a suitable height on a pillar or a wall. A hose reel is installed above the fire hydrant, for example, above shelf level.

A pillar fire hydrant is light enough so it can be mounted on a lightweight interior wall. The package includes U-tubing (Cu 28) and a reliable 1" shut-off valve. The door has a window and a special lock behind a breakable protective cover. A pillar fire hydrant must always be ordered together with one of the hose reels, either PV-23 or PV-60.

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2956093PV-57 SV498,30 €
2956094PV-57 IV319,00 €
2956099PV-7 IV MINI160,60 €
2956100PV-7 SV346,50 €
2956441Hose guide56,10 €
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