• HVAC: 2955151
  • Color: Stainless steel
    Size: Heat insulation 19mm cell rubber
    Width: 690 mm
    Height: 690 mm
    Depth: 305 mm

Price: 1470,00 € alv 0 %

Product info

Insulated, industrial-use hose reel cabinet with heater includes stainless steel cabinet and reel
Insulated double door, insulation 19 mm cellular rubber. Electric heater with thermostat control 200 W (230 V). Materials and dimensions otherwise as per the basic model.

Price without hose and nozzle. Select hose assembly here. Maksimum hose sizes 19 mm / 25 m or 25 mm / 20 m, with light-weight hose: 19 mm / 30 m tai 25 mm / 25 m.

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