PV-25 Hinged fire hose reel, with a hinged arm

An open hose reel designed to be a fire hydrant. Equipped with a hinged arm (750 mm) that facilitates unwinding and rewinding the hose.

For continuous use we recommend an industrial model. Includes a fire hydrant hose and a spray/jet nozzle. Also equipped with a hose guide, a 1" shut-off valve and a rewinding knob.

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2956402PV-25 19mm/20m 792,96 €
2956404PV-25 19mm/25m 816,48 €
2956406PV-25 19mm/30m 840,00 €
2956408PV-25 19mm/40m 887,04 €
2956410PV-25 19mm/45m 911,68 €
2956412PV-25 25mm/20m 833,28 €
2956414PV-25 25mm/25m 863,52 €
2956416PV-25 25mm/30m 896,00 €
2956400PV-25 hose sold separately 559,90 €
08.06.2022: Fire hydrant manufacturer Pivaset to spin off from Gebwell Read more >