PV-75 Watering cart

Width approx. 600 x Height 1030 x Depth 500 mm

The PV-75 model is a sturdy steel cart designed for watering. It is equipped with a watering hose and a watering nozzle. The feed hose (3m) has a 1" claw connect fitting. A mating part with a 3/4" inside thread is also included. The thread fits most common water outlets either directly or via a reducer.

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Price VAT 0%

2958106PV-7516mm/15m496,16 €
2958107PV-75 16mm/20m 508,48 €
2958108PV-75 16mm/25m 517,44 €
2958109PV-75 19mm/15m 593,60 €
2958110PV-75 19mm/20m 619,36 €
2958100PV-75 hose sold separately 403,70 €
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