Reels with an automatic spring-loaded rewind

The reels have a spring-loaded rewind with locking at every half turn, a hose guide and a hose stopper. Reel material is painted steel or stainless steel.

If you need a polished or painted stainless steel, ask us for a price quote.

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Price VAT 0%

2956444PV-ST 14/12 max. 16mm/15m painted 738,10 €
2956450PV-ST 20/19 max. 19mm/15m, 25mm/7m painted 1177,00 €
2956460PV-ST 40/19/2 max. 19mm/30m, 25mm/25m painted 1837,00 €
2956445PV-ST 14/12/e max. 16mm/15m SST 1158,30 €
2956446PV-ST 20/19/e max. 19mm/15m, 25mm/7m SST 1846,90 €
2956447PV-ST 40/19/2/e max. 19mm/30m, 25mm/25m SST 2910,60 €
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